Research for Market Access

The research projects below have been supported by ESFIM. For more information about the ESFIM Research Support Fund please email: researchsupportfund@esfim.org

TTHCA – Value chain analysis for acacia products and feasibility assessment of PEFC and FSC group certification in Vietnam

C.C.A. de R.L. – Market and value chain analysis of the sugar cane sector in El Salvador

CRAM – Improvement of regional seed production systems for rice and beans Madagascar

Asociación Verde Amazónico – Legal assessment on how to improve property rights for farmers in Peru

CEFFEL – Optimalisation of potato seed systems in Madagascar

Sundardeep – Market and value chain analysis of carp supply chain in Nepal

ROPPA – Regional Fund for the Financing of Family Farms and Farmers’ Organisations in West Africa

NUCAFE – Investigating current and future drivers and barriers to youth participation in the coffee value chain in Uganda

ADAD Malore – Strategic orientation of the organisation of smallholder farmers in the Kukës region, Albania

AOPEB – Fair and equitable taxation for smallholders in Bolivia

FEPA/B – Improved economic information

DACF – Market and value chain analysis of potato in Nepal

SPPQT – Analysis of the coffee market and supply chain in Indonesia

AVA 2 – Legal clearance of property rights to enhance acces to credit

NUCAFE 2 – Understanding young people’s engagement with the coffee value chain in Uganda