Crowd-sourcing organisational intelligence: capturing the rich experiences of farmers’ organisations

Muchas organizaciones han encontrado formas innovadoras para superar las amenazas a la cohesión del grupo.

 Smallholder farmers are, by definition, scattered, and so they generally need to bulk their produce in order to access urban markets or the processing industry. This bulking has a strong logistical component, and requires working capital (trade finance) and a cost-efficient organisation that can control transactions.Successful collective marketing has built organisational assets that make their life easier.  ESFIM is looking for examples of this organisational intelligence . Many practitioners who work with farmers’ organisations may already have such information at their disposal, as most project activities are internally documented. We ask you to share these stories with us.  All quality submissions will be included on the website The most relevant examples will be considered for inclusion in a planned hard-copy publication. read more »

UNFFE-Uganda: grassroots consultations to refine the national agricultural advisory services

Bette Harms, Gerdien Meijerink and Augustine Mwendya

The core business of the Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE) is to lobby and promote the farmer-enabling environment. The Federation stemmed from agricultural competitions organised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government between 1988 and 1993. The competitions, were meant to reward best performing farmers in livestock and agricultural production. In order to institutionalise these competitions, the Ministry facilitated the formation of the Uganda National Farmers’ Association (UNFA) on 22 January 1992. The Association developed into the Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE) in 2002.

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ESFIM-Uganda Documents

Collaborative research output

Progress Report on NAADS and proposals for Reform – UNFFE fnl – June 2011
This action study focuses on the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS), a heavily capitalised program of government that aims at transformation of public delivery of agricultural extension services into a largely private sector-led delivery system under a client or farmer controlled arrangement.


The Naads That Farmers want – Dialogue Report, February 2011


Report on a dialogue to start the NAADS That Farmers Want study.

Country Proposals


Inception Workshop Report


Other Background Documents