South Africa

ESFIM Progress Report 2011

The ‘Support to advocacy agenda through collaborative research’ component of the ESFIM programme assists NFOs in developing countries with formulating feasible, evidence-based propositions for changes in key elements in the institutional environment that will enable effective market access for small-holders. In the annual report (ESFIM Progress report January-December 2011-En), an update of the progress of AGRINATURA research support is presented for the year 2011.

ESFIM-South Africa Policy Issues

It was formally reported in May 2010 by IFAP and ESFIM Program Management that the leadership of the national programme in South Africa had to be transferred from the National African Farmers Union (NAFU) to Agri SA as a result of internal problems in NAFU. Following up on this decision, the Agrinatura lead researcher responsible for South Africa met with officials of Agri SA in August 2010 to discuss taking the programme forward. The local consultant recruited earlier by NAFU participated in the meeting and provided critically needed continuity. It was agreed that IFAP will confirm takeover of ESFIM by Agri SA and the original priority research theme areas would be revisited. To start off that process, the local consultant was commissioned by NRI to review the prevailing situation in the agricultural sector in South Africa as a basis for the review of the thematic areas to be funded under ESFIM 2. The expectation was that the agreed priorities will form the basis of a contract between LEI Wageningen and Agri SA for ESFIM research funding under the programme supported by the Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture (LNV) on Collaborative Research Activities in ESFIM Phase 2 (2010 and 2011). read more »