New ESFIM Research Support Fund for market access


AgriCord and Wageningen University have launched the ESFIM Research Support Fund. The fund will provide strategic support with action-oriented research that empowers Farmers Organisations in developing countries. The objective of the ESFIM Research Support Fund is to strengthen the position of farmers, particularly smallholders, in resolving problems related with the improvement of their market position. read more »

Now Out: ESFIM book documents research support to advocacy strategies of national farmer organisations in eleven countries

Hard copies can be ordered through http://publications.cta.int/en/publications/publication/1767/


Empowering smallholder farmers in markets: experiences with farmer-led research for advocacy

Download the full version of the book: Ton and Proctor 2013 – ESFIM experiences with farmer-led research for advocacy

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Innovation through agricultural cooperatives in Uruguay

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Case-studies on organisational intelligence of economic farmer organisations in Bolivia

In 2011, 38 economic farmer organisations have been studied to describe the rules and regulations that they implemented to resolve the tension between the interest of the group and the interest of the individual member when engaged in collective marketing. In 2013, 28 of these organisations could be visited again, and changes in their governance have been analysed. The research is published as Chapter 8 in the book:

  • Giel Ton (2015) Measuring Tension and Intensions: Mixing methods in the impact evaluation of development support to farmer organisations.

This chapter has been revised and shortened in the Journal of Development Effectiveness, DOI 10.1080/19439342.2016.1231702

  • Giel Ton (2016).  Contribution Analysis of a Bolivian innovation grant fund: Mixing methods to verify relevance, effictiveness.

The case summaries are available here as supplemental material – annex-supplementary-material


(Español) Evo Morales promulgó la Ley de OECAs el 26 de Enero 2013

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(Español) JNC se moviliza contra los abusos del servicio de impuestos a las cooperativas

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Making the Connection: Value chains for Transforming Smallholder Agriculture – Session 12: Farmer Organizations in Value Chain Policy Making

ESFIM presented outcomes of its research -for-advocacy work in the UNECA/CTA International Conference “Making the Connection: value chains for transforming smallholder agriculture. Four National Farmers Organisations (NFOs) presented the process and the outcomes of their advocacy work and the role of evidence and research in it: JNC-Perú, CPM-Madagascar, FUPRO-Benin, and NASFAM-Malawi. Stephen Muchiri form the Eastern Africa Farmers’ Federation (EAFF) chaired the session. read more »