KENFAP discussed Warehouse Receipt Systems

Edward Kateiya presented a Powerpoint presentation on a study on WRS, Warehouse Receipt Systems(ESFIM case study Report – PRESENTATION at Validation workshop-8.11.2011). The report (ESFIM-Case Studies WRS REPORT-Shared during the validation workshop)was dicussed during a workshop on 8 November 2011.

The study recommend innovative progression simple storage facilities at strategic grain collection and bulking sites at village level to fully fledge WRS. This will promote use of simple technologies such as solar drying and moisture testing meters at the farm level. It is imperative to organize smallholder farmers into association and built their capacity to engage in collective action in management and ownership of collection centers at strategic location in the village level. Price volatility and weather conditions pose a great challenge to the implementation of the WRS hence need for innovative insurance packages to mitigate the above risks. There need for harmonized storage charges and standardization quality requirement to facilitate trading. It is paramount for the government to provide enabling environment through appropriate national policy and legal framework to guide and transact business. Cooperative approach in development of WRS is recommended with a back up of support services and enabling environment.