Collaborative Research

Research support to eleven national farmers’ organisations that strengthen their capacities to formulate feasible, evidence-based propositions for changes in key elements in the institutional environment that empower smallholder farmers in markets.

Activities: NFOs from the selected countries will steer a research partnership for empowering their smallholder farmers in markets using research support of European and local researchers to feed discussions on smallholder market access within a farmer driven platform and a sequence of participatory workshops.

Outputs: NFO’s will have a pro-active lobby agenda related with smallholder farmers in markets, and a set of written technically sound propositions for changes in specific key elements in the institutional environment

Results: NFO’s will be capable to more effectively voice their specific research requirements and link up with researchers that can support them in executing their research activities.

Comparative Research

Support farmers’ organisations with information and through learning processes on innovative and scalable policies and institutional arrangements that empower smallholder farmers in markets

Activities: Based on the major issues that have been identified in the Collaborative Research, the AGRINATURA research team will analyze and synthesize information on key policy initiatives and key innovative institutional arrangements: risk insurance models; innovative financial models; incentive structures in collective marketing; and market information systems.  This research will be discussed and enriched through international seminars, workshops and regional exchange visits.

Outputs: IFAP and its network of NFO’s in both developed and developing countries have systematized information on innovative and replicable policies and institutional arrangements that empower smallholder farmers in markets and learning within the IFAP network will be enhanced through a participative process.

Results: As an international network, IFAP will have augmented its capacity to collect, organize and exchange experiences, knowledge, and information on issues that their member organisations in developing countries Activities will increase the relevance of both IFAP’s international policy agenda and the relevance of the respective NFO’s national policy agenda.