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Philippines’ Farmers for Food

Agriterra works with four Philippine partners: FFF, KAMMPIL, NATCCO, and PAKISAMA in a new project financed by the EU to enhance food securtiy. The overall objective of the proposed action is to strengthen the services of national farmers’ organizations and their commodity clusters to ensure institutionalised coordinated and collective actions for coping with volatile food prices through sustainable agricultural production, marketing and policy dialogue. The action will focus on small-scale farmers, who are engaged in producing crucial food products in the Philippines like rice, corn, sugarcane and coconut, and will also include diversification in other crops like root crops and vegetables, and livestock and fish production. These farmers are organized in so-called commodity clusters, defined as a group of agricultural producers who commit to work together for collective efforts towards production and marketing. They are linked to each other through their national-level farmers’ organizations, working as partners in this proposed intervention.