Improvement of regional seed production systems for rice and beans in Madagascar

March 9, 2017 12:10 pm

CRAM (Cercle Régional des Agriculteurs Malagasy Fianarantsoa) was established in 1996 and has 250 members. CRAM focuses on the production of quality seeds for rice. CRAM collaborates closely with a sister farmer organisation APDIP, which is specialising in the production of quality bean seed. The Farmers’ Organisations support their seed producers with advice on production technology, organisation of quality assurance, and the planning and marketing of the seed. For both rice and beans, improved varieties are being released by international and national agricultural research. To assure that Malagasy farmers can benefit from this potential, local adaptation of varieties need to be understood, effective mechanisms for variety in quality seed use promotion need to be developed and business models for the economically sustainable production and marketing of quality seed are required. The project will:

  • Test the local adaptability of newly (pre-)released rice and bean varieties
  • Try out business models for local cost-effective and sustainable production of early generation seed
  • Test seed value chain organisation opportunities to professionalise the bean and rice seed production and marketing system