Project leader

Christine Plaisier

Christine Plaisier received her Masters in Advanced Development Studies from the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. With her thesis she focussed on Fairtrade certified coffee smallholder cooperatives in Ethiopia resulting in a continuous passion for fair trade and smallholder (cooperatives).

She has several years’ experience in the domains of monitoring and measuring impact, sustainable and inclusive development, value chains and agricultural cooperatives/farmer organisations. Working experience is both in the field of practitioners as well as applied research, having worked at various non-governmental organisations, of which Agriterra for 3.5 years as monitoring and evaluation officer and as a researcher on impact evaluations at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. She currently works at Wageningen Economic Research as researcher impact evaluation and sustainable value chains.

Christine in a few words: a committed development specialist and researcher delivering quality and in-depth analyses translated into concrete recommendations for policymakers and practitioners. She is a mixed method specialist and combines an analytical and critical mind with a constructive, practical and culture-sensitive attitude. She is able to adapt and tactfully navigate in the field of international development and intercultural relations with people with all kinds of backgrounds and positions.

She is experienced in (development) projects and evaluations in all three continents, Africa (eg. Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, Ethiopia), South America (e.g. Bolivia, Chile, Peru), and Asia (e.g. Indonesia, India, Nepal, Philippines).

Project management officer

Kirsten Haak

Kirsten Haak has been Project management officer at Wageningen Economic Research since September 2015. She is responsible for the (financial) project administration of international and EU projects. She executes various tasks such as monitoring of project progress and budget expenditure, preparation of (annual) reports, taking care of subcontracting and organisation of workshops. She is especially interested in international projects that contribute to poverty alleviation and to social and environmental sustainability. Her interest for agriculture was raised during her work as project officer for the Private Sector Investment programme which is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She was responsible for the evaluation of grant proposals and the monitoring of implementation of projects in Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines). With a background in anthropology, she enjoys working in an intercultural setting.


Jur Schuurman

Jur Schuurman is Dutch and was born in 1956. After spending an important part of his youth in Argentina, thanks to which his command of Spanish is native-level, he studied Human Geography in Utrecht. In due course he began to work with Agriterra, one of the AgriCord member agri-agencies, first as liaison officer for Latin American farmers’ organisations, and later in M&E (monitoring and evaluation). He left Agriterra in 2015 and is now living in Costa Rica, where his (Uruguayan) wife Gabriela has a job in agricultural innovation. His main activities have to do with translation and project evaluations.