Case-studies on organisational intelligence of economic farmer organisations in Bolivia

In 2011, 38 economic farmer organisations have been studied to describe the rules and regulations that they implemented to resolve the tension between the interest of the group and the interest of the individual member when engaged in collective marketing. In 2013, 28 of these organisations could be visited again, and changes in their governance have been analysed. The research is published as Chapter 8 in the book:

  • Giel Ton (2015) Measuring Tension and Intensions: Mixing methods in the impact evaluation of development support to farmer organisations.

This chapter has been revised and shortened in the Journal of Development Effectiveness, DOI 10.1080/19439342.2016.1231702

  • Giel Ton (2016).  Contribution Analysis of a Bolivian innovation grant fund: Mixing methods to verify relevance, effictiveness.

The case summaries are available here as supplemental material – annex-supplementary-material