New ESFIM Research Support Fund for market access


AgriCord and Wageningen University have launched the ESFIM Research Support Fund. The fund will provide strategic support with action-oriented research that empowers Farmers Organisations in developing countries. The objective of the ESFIM Research Support Fund is to strengthen the position of farmers, particularly smallholders, in resolving problems related with the improvement of their market position.

Based on calls for proposals, Farmers Organisations within the network of Agri-Agencies of AgriCord can submit draft research proposals for external research support to address problems that limit market access for smallholder farmers. The draft research proposals will be reviewed by the ESFIM Evaluation Committee. Farmers Organisations with an approved draft research proposal are requested to develop a more comprehensive and detailed final research proposal. In the stage of developing the final research proposal, Farmers Organisations will receive support from Wageningen University in improving the research methodology and research questions. The completed final research proposal will be submitted to the ESFIM Evaluation Committee and the AgriCord Project Committee for final approval. After approval of the final research proposal the ESFIM Research Support Fund will help the Farmers Organisation with the selection and supervision of the local researchers who will carry out the research activities.

The ESFIM Research Support Fund is part of the Farmer Fighting Poverty (FFP) programme which is financed by the Government of Netherlands. The general objective of this programme is to contribute to poverty reduction, strengthening the capacities and enhancing the operations of the organisations of smallholders’ farmers in developing countries.

For more information about the ESFIM Research Support Fund please email: